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To obtain a K-1 or CR-1 Visa, it’s estimated over 50% of the process needs to be completed by the Chinese beneficiary.
Government instruction is provided to petitioners for all countries. Therefore, generic to fit all. The “How To” information to prepare your Chinese spouse or fiancee is merely missing.

Consulate processing, registering for document pick-up location and interviews, paying the visa application fees, and obtaining valid legal documents is different in all countries.  

What makes the process go easier is the ability to support your Chinese beneficiary. So, you need to teach them what to do.

Our Online Visa Workshops are Free

Our Workshops include government instruction with curated content to add the details needed for your spouse or fiance. We provide our visa workshops where you can work at your own pace. You can add photos, comments, and get questions answered from fellow petitioners. And it’s FREE

We prefer to educate. After learning the steps, many go on to do the work themselves.  Others want the peace of mind of having things done for them. Our workshops will help you when hiring visa services. You’ll know the questions to ask before signing a retainer.  

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