Aug 12th

Letters of Intent to Marry for I-129F Fiance Petitions

By 101 Admin

Letters of intent to marry are submitted as evidence with the I-129F fiance petition.

These personal letters establish the circumstance of how you met and that you met in person within 2-years of filing the I-129F petition.

USCIS looks for the evidence to classify the beneficiary for a K-1 fiance visa and to approve the petition. This allows USCIS to send the petition to the U.S. Consulate/Embassy overseas.

Here's some useful tips:

12 Facts to Always Include With Your Letter of Intent to Marry

Jul 29th

Fiance Visas and Dating Websites

By 101 Admin

Did you met your foreign fiancee on a dating website? After submitting an I-129F Fiance petition USCIS will want to know if the dating website is an International Marriage Broker, and documentation that it's not.

Like many couples, the first contact you had with your foreign fiancee may of been on a dating website.

On the I-129F petition for a fiance it asked; Did you use the services of an International Marriage Broker? And, you answer no. Then, in your letter of intent to marry you say you first met on a dating website. Be prepare for a delay.

Here's what happens next...

I-129F, Dating Websites And The International Marriage Broker Act

Jul 17th

Chinese Spouse NVC Electronic Processing (After USCIS Approval)

By 101 Admin

Online government instructions for NVC processing can be confusing as they must cover all countries with much not applying to U.S. petitioners with Chinese visa applicants.

This guide has been specially written in a step-by-step format with inserts for U.S./Chinese couples that will eliminate confusion and save time.

Lets begin NVC processing (Electronic)
Apr 24th

David & Juan, Visa Issued 4/23/13

By 101 Admin


China Marriage Photo
David & Juan
Praise God. Huijuan's interview success. Visa to be ready to pick up in Shenyang at China Citic Bank in 2 weeks. Plan to arrive in Shenyang China on May 14th. Happy day. Ask three questions. Where we will live. What is my Job. Why I live alone in such a big house. I really don't think my house is that big. haha. Will update blog as soon as possible with all the information.

When I first started this I was overwhelmed. Randy & Xiaoying, Rick, and John Buda. I can't thank you enough for all your help and counsel thru this process.

My Blog is an accurate time line. Hope the information will help others. USCIS filed on 13 Sept 2012. Visa interview 23 April 2013. 8 months and 10 days for entire process. Happy Day. God Bless. Best Wishes. and Best of luck to all.

Read David's Blog
Apr 22nd

Michael & Qing, Visa Issued 4/15/13

By 101 Admin
Michael & Qing, Visa Issued 4/15/13

China Marriage Photo

Michael's last message to the community - Leaving for China on the 11th. New process everything is same day at the consulate and they now have a service that is involved for document pickup for visas.


Xiaoying was in Nanning visiting family and got to opportunity to have dinner with Michael and Qing after the wedding.- (From Right) Michael and Qing, Hong Hong, Xiaoying, Jenny, Coney, and Mei

Apr 13th

Todd & Jing, Visa Issued 3/27/13

By 101 Admin

Visas Issued at China Marriage 101 Community

Todd Success! 9 months from "I Do" to "Yahoo" !!

Jing had her interview today and was in and out in less then 5 minutes. Only asked her 3 questions! I attribute this to complete and accurate paperwork which I directly relate to the China Marriage Guide and member support here on CM101.

Thanks to Randy, Rick and all the others who shared their previous experiences with me. So, the questions asked: How many times had I been to China? Do I have children? Will we have children together? How simple was that !

The two documents Jing said they review very closely were the AOS and my tax returns. I will say that having Jing on my 2012 tax return was icing on the moon cake :) Speaking with Jing after the interview, she told me she saw many woman turned down for marriage visas. I believe this is testimony to the value and importance of this forum. I intend to post a complete dated timeline of events from our first filing to today's interview hoping it will help others understand the process and duration start to finish.

Jing will have her visa package in a few short days and I'll pay the USCIS Immigration fee of $165. I'll end here for now as I have to go book an airline ticket :) Thanks again to everyone!

Community Comments:
  • 101 Admin
    101 Admin Great Todd! Been waiting to hear your news today. That is great! Congratulations, And she gets to arrive in Alaska in the spring...even better..
  • Donald
    Donald Wow great! Let us know when the children are born ;)
  • David & Juan
    David & Juan Great news Todd. Congratulations. Juan is scheduled for April 23rd. Keep fingers crossed.
  • Todd
    Todd Thanks David & Juan. You're up next and I wish all the success Jing and I had. 

Congratulations to John


John Thank you for having this site. I felt like I had a vast support team behind me I could rely on if any problems raised. There is no doubt in my mind this process would have been too much for me to take on alone, the information provided to me was priceless.

Dec 27th

Electronic Filing Problems With Firefox Web Browser

By 101 Admin

Community member Todd shares the following information on NVC electronic filing.

"Last night I attempted to pay the $88 AOS fee using NVC electronic, the National Visa Centers website, but could not complete the process. I was able to log on using my GUZ and Invoice number, saw my name as the petitioner and the amount due. However, when I attempted to make the payment the webpage would not advance to input my bank account information.

I was using my Firefox web browser. I thought about this overnight and recalled a similar situation last year when paying my automotive registration online. This morning I tried again using Microsoft Internet Explorer. No problem! Payment accepted, and I printed my receipt. Likely reason for this is the government uses Microsoft Server Software. You'll want to share this information on NVC electronic with future members".

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Jun 1st

Questions and Comments at China Marriage 101 Community

By 101 Admin
Help Fellow Members by Leaving a Comment Below..

From Rand E:
Marriage one o’ one, It is nice to hear about your VIP structure. I was going to make a suggestion that your older members after immigration to USA, to not have to pay for membership, that they be members for life. This way, Marriage101 can keep it's experienced members for help with the new members that are thinking of a foreign Chinese spouse. Thank you for the VIP status.

I kept my membership because I knew that I would have more questions. We are still in China. My wife and daughter’s immigration VISA is good till Aug. 12, 2012. They only gave us 5 months to immigrate to the USA, not 6 months. When we immigrate to the USA on June 21, 2012, does USA keep their Chinese passport and give US passport?

Their VISA is only good for one year, do I need to extent there VISA or will we receive different paperwork? I think in two years after immigrating to the USA that we apply for a change of status. So, what status are we changing from and what status are we changing to??

I remember on one of the forms that I checked the box for USA to assign a SSN, when will we receive those?

I have a problem with where I am currently living in the USA, how big of a problem if we have to move and get a new mailing address in the USA when we get to USA?

I want and will do a letter about my experience of marrying and bringing a Chinese wife to the USA. I have a story to tell about our VISA process and our immigration process, and I am sure, about the move to USA.

From Sean:
Documents - Translated, certified, and notarized. My wife was finding in her research that she needed Chinese notarized documents for her interview... (can anyone verify that).

Anyways, to get them notarized, the English translations need to be included also... FYI - (I just used, they have been easy, quick, and provide certified translations... we've been sending them good clear cell-phone photos of the documents, plus a text document of Chinese characters typed out for any hand-writing on the originals.)

My wife printed those certified translations out at home, and submitted them with the Chinese original, to the notary, and those were acceptable. She got her 3 copies of each, and is sending me one for use to submit here. I am hoping the white cover of the notarized packets does not need translation also. (any idea on that?)
Apr 7th

Community News April, 2012

By 101 Admin
Community News | Questions and Answers | Visas Issued | Upcoming Interviews | Attorneys Corner

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With the exchange of information, both from our subscribers and those who come to us for help, there are many not so honest people that pray on those who are at the mercy of trying to bring a loved one to the United States.

Have you been the victim of misleading online information? Did someone rob you of your happiness or money?

It's happening more and more..

Read the blog post at China Marriage 101

Marriage and Fiance Visas Issued

March has been a good month for China Marriage 101 Community. Three visa were issued to Chinese loved ones of our small group of members. With a maze of misinformation and services, what happens at the community would not be possible without the help of it's supportive members.

See photo's and read their comments.
Mar 15th

From Dennis: Discrepancy With Answers from USCIS and NVC

By 101 Admin
Hello Randy
I talked to John Buda this morning about Lili's daughter's immigration issues and denials. Certainly if Immigration was a business with competition and you asked for advice and they gave it, then they would be bound and honor bound to make a decision based on the advice they gave even if it was wrong or misleading.

Recording Your Questions and Answers
So the point is that perhaps you set up a page where people can log in their questions to USCIS or NVC and the answers they received to those questions. I say this because their is a big discrepancy between the Online call in information lines that are answered by representatives and the actual law.

There are a number of possible uses for this. As John asked me, " Did you record your questions and the answers to those questions?" I didn't. The point is that if we did and perhaps they are logged here, that they could perhaps be used as evidence when some of your members might have to appeal a decision. This perhaps could be the equivalent of picking up some ammunition for future battles.

I certainly know that in my many, many calls that I began to realize a number of things about these call centers. I probably made a total of 30 calls between the two.

Here are some observations for USCIS

1. They have people from bad to very good attitutes.  If you call and get someone that you do not feel good talking to in any way, be polite, listen to what they have to say and say goodbye. Then call back, and call until you get someone that you feel comfortable with.
2.Write each question down along with the answer you get.
3. You will discover that the same question will get different and on occasion opposing answers.
4 The call center is a contracted service to the USCIS. That means you did not reach the USCIS but another entity that has limited access to USCIS information. They can not help you directly other than give you information. Their information seems to be very limited. Eventually over time, you realize that there really is not much that they can help you with. Your best answers may very well be here with this group and Randy and Ying.

Here are my observations for NVC

1. This call center is staffed by people that are much friendlier.
2. This center has the same problem. They have limited access, very limited. 3. This limit means, YOU MAY HAVE SENT IN DOCUMENTATION THAT NVC HAS! However if NVC has not acted on that paperwork, the call center can't see it. Which means they will most likely tell you that it "HASN'T BEEN RECEIVED".

This is where you begin to worry and take their word for it. I did. Then you resubmit the paper work you are told is missing. As soon as you resubmit ANY paperwork, it can automatically extend the completion date of your application by 20 days. It probably won't but it can. They have to review any paperwork that comes in regardless , if it's a duplicate.

Again, here NVC call center does not give out correct information either. One lady who seemed very knowledgable gave me all the laws and reason's why my step daughter's application would be approved. She was wrong. Anyway those are my thoughts.

Lili and Dennis