Oct 18th

China Love Story & Immigration Case Highlights

By ThierryWeili

In order to help others I created a summary of our story. I provide a timeline as we found it was the most difficult information to get during all this process.
We are available to answer to any questions about our experience! Do not hesitate to contact us !

- Met on internet February 6th, 2010
- Started communication at the rate of 2 letters per day from February 2010 to May 2011
- Started Skype communication at the rate on 1 per week until May 2011
- First meeting in Shanghai and Hangzhou from April 28th 2010 to May 4th 2010
- Weili finalized her divorce May 6th 2010
- Started additional communication by G-chat from May 4th 2010 in addition of daily letters and weekly Skype. Chatted together every morning and evening
- May 2010 : Weili started application for US tourist visa
- Second Meeting in Shanghai and Xiamen from July 15th 2010 to July 26th 2010
- Weili got one year multi-entries US tourist visa in August 2010
- First visit of Weili in USA Chicago under her tourist visa from September 22nd, 2010 to October 6th, 2010. during this visit we got formally engaged, decided to marry as soon as possible and to live in USA together
- Thierry finalized his divorce December 13th
- Third visit of Thierry in Shanghai from December 23rd 2010 to January 5th 2011. Thierry and Weili married on December 28th 2010.
- Thierry initiated Weili immigration process (I -130) on January 6th 2010
- Second visit of Weili in Chicago and Buffalo USA from January 30th to February 9th 2011. Opened a jointed checking and saving account in Bank of America. These accounts became the main USA accounts of Thierry and Weili. Visited apartment in Chicago for buying option
- Fourth visit of Thierry in Shanghai from March 26th to April 5th 2011.
-Thierry and Weili opened a joined checking account at the Construction Bank in Shanghai
- Thierry and Weili bought jointly an Apartment in Chicago (Thierry signed as power of attorney to Weili)
- Third visit of Weili in Chicago USA from May 20th to August 22nd (under a 6 months visa stay length). Weili took English lessons. Trips to LA and Las Vegas. met Thierrys daughter and sons
- June 15th 2010. received USCI petition approval transfer case to NVC
- June 20th requested e-filling
- July 19th 2010 : send DS-230 form and sent I-864 form together
- August 9th 2010: send GIV packet 3 supplement
- August 22nd 2010: received Guangzhou interview date
- Family vacation in China Weili , Thierry and Thierry's son Indy from August 23rd to September 4th 2011
- Interview in Guangzhou September 13th 2011. 
 Weili received her immigration visa on September 20th (8 months and 18 days after mailing of I-130)

During all this time we have written close to one thousand letters (we creates 2 books of 350 pages each! Which Weili shows at her interview) met 7 times in China or USA and have already been happily living together 182 days in China and USA !

We are currently enjoying an happy life downtown Chigaco ...

Thanks Randy and XiangYing for all your help !!!!

Thierry & Weili