Jul 25th

My China Marriage

By David & Juan
Hope I can write something here useful that will be of help in the future. Writting also helps keep me grounded. Have read modules over and over, have visited USCIS and NVC, more times than I care to think about. Authentications are complete, Huijuans folder is finished, I-130, G-325A's are ready for huijuans signature, Check list in hand both in English and Chinese for notarials. August 12th is approching fast, excited and nervous at the same time. Will keep a time line of events as they occure, thanks to everyone for all the support. I'm off to claim my Bride. See you again at the end of August.

what a trip, had the time of my life. Registered at Liaoning marriage registration office in Shenyang. Was able to get it done in one day. Arrived at office at 9am, took two hours to complete paperwork and pay fees. returned at 3pm to complete process, take pictures and receive certificates. Also received notarials with english translation complete. I think the total of all fees and photo expenses was 1400 RMB. was impressed the entire process was done in a day. We are finally husband and wife under Chinese Law.

Traditional wedding ceremoney held on Aug. 20th. What a party that was.!! Celebration started with fireworks to chase off evil spirits, then the party began, complete with music and an MC. Attended by my wifes family and close friends about 75 in all attended. Have understanding now of what lucky money is. And the process for red packets. Lucky Money paid for the celebration with a little left over. Grand time was had by all. We arrived for celebration at 10 am and the party started to break up around 3pm. I would definatly recommend a wedding in China. Great experience. Wife really appriciated my efforts to have wedding there.

One piece of advice. It took 2 days of running here and there getting paperwork and required signatures and seals. once we got all correct paperwork for birth certificate and divorce decree for Huijuan, it took Civil Affairs Office 4 days to complete english translations and complete notarials. It takes time to get this done. your wife can get this done before you arrive. But make sure to allow 5 to 6 days total for notarials.

Returned to US with all petition paperwork complete and signed, have notarials inhand. All I have to do now is write a check, and send petition express mail to Phoenix. Let the journey begin..!!?

Today is a big day. Good conversation with Randy. Visa Petition I-130 sent today (9/12/2012). The journey to issue Visa begins.

Express mail Petition (9/13/2012). receive e-mail USCIS case acceptance and WAC number. (9/19/2012) forward to California Service Center. 7 to 10 days for I-797. Moving forward.

Surprise wasn't expecting untill next week. received I-797C today (9/22/2012) Hope this is a good sign.

I was beginning to think some how I was lost in the system. Today it finally happened. 4 months to the day. January 17th at 3pm MST received e-mail notification from USCIS. Case Status. "Approved". Praise God. Happy Days. We are moving on to the next step. National Visa Center here we come. For everyone that helped me put my I-130 package together, I can't thank you enough. My wife is getting closer to coming home..!!!! ya Hooooooo.!!!

Today 25 Jan. 2013. One more step complete. Received I-797 Notice of Approval in mail. Now just waiting for notice from NVC.

Seems like it took a long time. USCIS Notice of Approval Date 01/18/2013
NVC received file on 02/11/2013. After a long agonizing wait finally on 02/28/2013 Received confermation of NVC Case Number. Finally the NVC process begins.

3/5/2013 Received GZO case number this morning also confirmation of receipt of DS-3032. Just waiting for paid receipt's for fee's. Electronic filing is ready to go. All documents are scanned to pdf documents and ready to send.

3/8/2013  Received paid receipts for AOS Fee and Application Fee. All required documents sent to NVC today. Now we wait yet again.

Today is a great day. 3/21/2013. Received email from NVC. Application Process complete. File transmitted to US Consulate Guangzhou. Interview scheduled for 4/23/2013. Now the work really begins. Medical Appointment and Hotel Reservations. Complete files and make sure Juan is ready. Will keep you posted on progress.

Medical Appointment and Hotel Reservation are made. Juan will spend 11 days in Guangzhou. Will purchase Train Tickets on April 3rd.

Medical Exam went well only three vacinations. Only took a day for exam. Picked up envolope with exam results and paperwork the next day. Entire exam process took 7 hours. now for the intertview.

Huijuan has interview tomorrow. very nervious. I know she is ready and all will go well. Doesn't help the nerves. 8 Months of hard work all comes down to 10 minuets.

23 April 2013. Today received the best news of my life. Huijuan had a successful interview. Soon my wife and I will be together here in the USA. Now that I have a chance to think about it, the last nine months has been worth every moment. You both need to commit to the process and let it run its course. The system does work. Now if you will please excuse me. I am on my way to china to claim my Bride and bring her home. Best of luck and best wishes to all.      David and Huijuan