My China Marriage - Thanks For Your Support

Published by: KENT on 16th May 2011 | View all blogs by KENT
I just want to thank you Randy and your wife Xiaoying for all your help. Without the both of you Feng and I would not be as near to the last stage and awaiting the Interview date. My wife Feng is so happy to know your wife Xiaoying. She said after talking with her she is not worried about anything. Even though Feng is so happy to come here and have me as her husband there are still a lot of changes to come. Her whole world will change.

 This really worried her in some ways. Xiaoying has talked to her and explained everything that she has gone through and she now knows she has little to worry about when moving to the U.S. The personal support was and still is a big help. For example, for me to tell Feng she can eat the same foods here as in China and she will also like some U.S. food is one thing. When Xiaoying says it, then she is reassured. Xiaoying has helped in so many similar matters like this.

We are hoping to see her letter come soon for the interview. We have just about finished the visa process. If there is anything we can do to help other people know what needs to be done and what to expect, we would be so happy to help.

 Randy and Xiaoying, we cannot thank you enough. You have friends for life. If I would not have had China Marriage 101's course of action we would not be even close to where we are now in the process. There is so much to know and do that without the workshop guides and personal help to make everything so simple we would be in an unbelievable mess. You have made everything step by step that worked perfectly. Also, you and Xiaoying talking to us every time we had questions. This is support and one on one care like I never expected. Feng and I really enjoy the conversations with the both of you.

 In the beginning I thought about hiring a lawyer but I had a friend who had a bad experience. I do want to say to others that if you get a lawyer that specializes in immigrations get several references and call them to ask how long it took and if they had to resend info a lot. It should take about 1 year, give or take a few months. Some people just want someone else to do all the paperwork for them. There is a lot of good attorneys out there.

 I do want to say that even though the attorney will send in all the paperwork you will still have to fill out everything. You just then give it to your attorney to send everything in for you instead of you mailing it in yourself. Piece of mind is worth more than money at times. Which ever way you go, I wish the best of luck to everyone on their marriage in China and bringing their spouse to the U.S.
Kent B.
Dayton, Ohio


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  • Randy & Xiaoying
    by Randy & Xiaoying 7 years ago
    Thank you Kent and Feng for the kind words. It has been a pleasure getting to know both of you. Hope we can all meet someday on my way back home to Maryland for vacation.
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