• Walter


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  • Tom


    I'm still looking for help as to what forms I need to file after the marriage. I'd hate that Yùmíng and I get married then she gets deported because I didn't file for immigration status. I've looked on the USCIS website but I can't find anything.
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  • William


    Greetings, fellow members.
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  • Ruze


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  • Darryl


    Good morning folks , I am after some help and advise about how i can get the spouse visa for myself to stay in China , I have heard many different stories about what to do and I have tried contact my embassy for help ( UK in GZ ) but as with past experie
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  • Ron


    My wife was just approved for her CR1 Visa! I'd be lying if I said it wasn't stressful, but Randy and Xiaoying walked us through the process! Thanks!
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  • Craig


    Sorry for posting so many times to the wall, but here is some useful info I just found on the USCIS website regarding submission of the I-129F and the new edition of the form that was added yesterday: "Edition date: 04/10/17. Starting 06/09/2017, we will
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  • Brian


    (FORM I-130) I have lived in China for 12 years. On the Form I-130, should I list my Chinese address or my permanent address in America? (Information about petitioner)
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  • Travis


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  • Carl


    Returned from Nanning. Had a wonderful time there and, Yun and I did a lot of talking about what we want to do. So now I start the process of feeling and filing the Fiance visa.
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